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Nestled in the Channel Islands, Sark benefits from a mainly moderate climate which can be enjoyed for various activities all year round. In common with the region, the island enjoys warm though not excessively hot summers, although its winters can be stormy, with temperatures sometimes milder, and sometimes colder, than those typically experienced in the UK.

Visitors during the island’s most popular holiday season – from April to October – can expect temperatures averaging 20-21 degrees Celsius (68-70 degrees Fahrenheit), with an average of between 200 and 260 hours of sunshine. During the summer, the sea’s temperature has a favourable average of 17 degrees C (63 degrees F).

Although the main draw of a Channel Island like Sark lies in its Summer weather, this is a location which can be genuinely enjoyed all year round. Spring and Summer are obviously ideal for simply lazing in the sun or enjoying outdoor pursuits such as chartering a boat, taking up archery or trying your hand at clay shooting, yet the mellow Autumns and crisp Winters are perfect for taking watercolour painting courses, walking tours or simply exploring the beauty of the island by bicycle.

Average Weather and Temperature in Sark
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