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We know what it’s like to arrive at a destination and feel frustrated that you then have to go out to purchase the basic essentials before you can relax.

That’s why we have partnered with the Island’s largest premium food supplier, The Food Stop, who stock Waitrose own brand products. Grocery orders can be arranged before arrival with three days' notice. No more foraging for milk and bread, order what you want prior to your arrival, happy in the knowledge that everything will be waiting for you.

To place your order you can call +44 1481 832660

or email


Mon Plaisir stores is the premier outlet for Local Sark Produce and essentials when visiting the island. Convenient, well-stocked family owned store, who stock Iceland Products.

Grocery orders can be arranged with three days' notice.

Daily fresh produce include Lobsters to order (cooked and delivered on Request), Scallops when available fresh or frozen, Crab Meat in season, Wet Fish to order, Local Meat including Sark Lamb and Beef, cakes and scones.

If you're celebrating a birthday or special occasion, you can also request a home made cake in advance.

Located opposite the Methodist chapel, you can call +44 1481 832 600

or email

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