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Part of the appeal of Sark is the almost total absence of motor vehicles - in fact, there are just a few tractors on the island. Our guests tell us that the lack of road traffic is one of the most positive aspects of their trip, since it contributes to a relaxed and tranquil experience, almost from a bygone era. For those with young children, the lack of cars is also one less thing to worry about.

Horses and carriages are available to book and are a fun way to see the island, but they can't be used as a taxi service since they'll take you to designated beauty spots.

Generally, you'll be getting around the island on foot or by bicycle. However, to assist your arrival, you can make arrangements to help get you and your luggage from the shore to your accommodation (please see below). The same service will help you back to the harbour after your stay.


On arrival at Guernsey Harbour, you will need to collect your tickets from the Sark Shipping office.

Please also ask for Green Luggage Labels, for Jimmy's Carting Services.

You will need to label all your luggage with these labels, clearly stating:

  • Your name

  • Your destination: "Clos a Jaon Camp Site"

  • Your mobile number


You will need to take your luggage down the ramp and make sure it is put on the boat.

Once it is on the boat you can forget all about it, as it will be unloaded for you in Sark and our carter will collect it from the quay and deliver it to your accommodation.

When you get off the boat, walk straight through the tunnel, where a tractor bus will be waiting to take anyone not wishing to walk up the harbour hill.   The cost of this is £1.20 per adult and 60p for children. This service takes you to the top of the harbour hill.

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