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Sark is a gift for anyone who likes walking. Not merely because of its famous absence of cars, but because the island is blessed with an abundance of rugged coastline and beautiful landscape that’s tailor-made for exploring by foot.

You can either choose merely to wander aimlessly during your visit, chancing upon whatever visual treasures you encounter, or you can take one of the many established walking routes that have existed for more than a century.

If exploring some of Sark’s beautiful walks appeals, then purchasing a copy of the island's definitive guide is highly recommended. Costing around £5, La Trobe Guide was penned over a century ago by two young brothers, and remains the essential companion for visitors eager to scratch the surface of what Sark has to offer.

As an example of just one of the many beautiful walking destinations on the island, the Adonis Pool is a very beautiful rock pool located off the southwest corner of ‘Little Sark’. While getting to it is a more challenging than your average stroll to the corner shop, its stunning setting is more than worth the effort.

Here's a list of some of the many other popular and celebrated routes, as outlined in detail in La Trobe Guide:

  • North Island Route and the Boutique Caves

  • Les Fontaines Bay – Eperquerie to the Red Cave

  • The Banquette

  • La Greve de la Ville

  • The Harbours and Les Laches

  • Derrible Bay and Surroundings

  • The Hog’s Back

  • The Headland and Caves

  • Dixcart Bay and Surroundings

  • The Pot to Rouge Terrier

  • Rouge Terrier to Venus Pool

  • The Coast from Venus Pool to Port Gorey

  • Port Gorey to Adonis Pool / Rouge Caneau Bay

  • Les Fontaines Bay to Vermandee Bay

  • Grande Greve and La Coupee

  • Havre Gosselin and Surroundings

  • Saignie Bay to Le Platon

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