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Pottery classes provide a fun and rewarding excursion that's accessible for all ages and abilities. Our guests have been especially impressed with how this timeless activity can be enjoyed simultaneously by all generations within their party. 

In ‘real life’, as we dash to meetings or chase deadlines, there is often no time to try out new things, to acquire new skills or to simply be creative. Pottery is a case in point – probably not something that takes priority as we’re stuck in traffic on our way home from the office, but which suddenly seems like an interesting, quirky and, above all, fun way to spend a few hours when you’re on holiday in a place like Sark, where time slows down and real life takes a back seat to relaxation.


With her own potter’s studio just behind the Avenue – the main street in the centre of Sark – experienced potter and craftsperson Lorraine Nicolle offers expert tuition at the wheel, as well as evening classes throughout the winter months.


Guests are given three balls of clay to shape on the wheel under Lorraine’s friendly guidance, and you can choose your favourite one to be fired and sent for free to your chosen address in the UK.

A highly experienced silversmith as well, Lorraine’s shop within the studio is also the perfect place to buy a memento of your visit or a gift for that special someone back home.



Visit Lorraine’s website to find out more (or order items) at, or contact her:

+44 1481 832624 or +44 7781 193843

Typical class sizes are from three people upwards or contact Lorraine directly to arrange a larger group booking. 2-3 days notice is preferred and payment can be made with cash or credit cards.

Suitable for age six and upwards, and each session lasts around an hour.

All equipment and materials are provided by Lorraine. 

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