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Is Sark suitable for children and babies?

Sark is a great choice for active families and especially for kids who love the great outdoors. It's true that a family day trip in Sark is not a case of packing up a car and taking the kids door-to-door, but that is exactly why Sark (with its cycle-friendly lanes and absence of cars) appeals to so many of our guests. 

Sark caters to young and old alike - visitors of all ages have been coming to Sark for generations. Like any aspect of family life, a trip to Sark with little ones just requires a little organisation. If you require specific beds and bedding during your stay with us, please just let us know and we can usually meet most requests. If you require infant supplies (specific milk formula and nappies, for example), we recommend you get in touch with one of the local shops on the island at least a week before you arrive.

Some notes for parents:

- it's worth talking your child through the journey to Sark if you think they'll be at all nervous of a boat trip. Having said this, most of our young guests regard their short voyage to the island as a magical experience and an unforgettable first memory of Sark.

- some of the pathways to some beaches are quite steep so very young children will need supervision or assistance. Many of the beaches are very accessible, so there's always an easy option if you have young children.


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