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It’s not often that anyone gets the opportunity to experience a sport that few others have even heard of, never mind tried, but a visit to Sark offers just this opportunity. Coasteering, kayaking, archery and many more unique and exciting adventure sports are available, in which you can experience the exhilaration of rock scrambling, sea level traversing, base jumping and swimming in caves and gullies.

Tailor made for a stunning and wild coast like Sark’s, this outdoor pursuit is amazing fun, and is a thrilling way of exploring the island’s hidden coastal secrets once you’ve tried the more relaxed walking, cycling and sailing methods.

If combining coastal exploration along Sark’s wild and beautiful shoreline with leaping off rocks like a Hollywood stuntman appeals, then coasteering is a definite must-try during your stay on Sark. It opens up a world of cathedral-like caves and cavern systems rarely seen, and reveals wonders and beauty that you simply won’t experience elsewhere.

Getting involved really couldn’t be easier –  once you’ve booked your 2.5-3 hour experience with Adventure Sark, they’ll provide all the necessary equipment and instruction, including wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmets, before your party climbs, scrambles, leaps and swims around Sark’s majestic coastline.

Cliffs and waves become challenges and rocks and caves become playthings. And for those unused to a life of action and daring, don’t worry – you can experience the sport in a more sedate fashion as well.

Coasteering is generally a group activity that allows you to have fun with friends, family or corporate colleagues, although Adventure Sark also offer regular day trip options open to individuals wanting to join in with others.



For more info and to make a booking, contact Adventure Sark:

+44 778 1410 949



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